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How to update GPS map!!!

GPS Map Update Service

We provide map update service on all Navigation Devices and Model

How do i update my GPS maps for free?

Garmin Map Update


Garmin Map Update is required in every 4 month on all Garmin GPS devices. Here are some model name of Garmin Devices. 

TomTom Map Update


We will help you update your TomTom Map Update. List of TomTom Model we help you update map on :-

Magellan GPS Map Update


 Are you looking for Magellan GPS Map Update? You are at the right place. We provide help with Map Update on Magellan GPS devices. 

Step by step guide for map update


Connect your GPS with a USB cable with a Computer

In order to update the map on your GPS Navigation device, you need to connect the GPS with  a Computer with a USB cable.  Some new GPS model can be updated by directly connecting the GPS with your house Wi-Fi connection. You do not need to connect those GPS with the Computer. However all the GPS device can be updated by connecting it via a USB cable into the Computer and following our steps listed below. 

Make sure that GPS is communicating with the Computer

Please have a look on your GPS screen, it will show you that GPS is Connected with the Computer. Once it is connected, you can start the Map Update.

Use Original USB cable

Please make sure that you are using the USB cable which you have got with your GPS Device. You can buy a USB cable if you have lost the cable you have received with the GPS Unit. Please buy it from GPS manufacturer or compatible for your GPS Unit. Please contact our customer service team for help with a compatible USB cable. for your GPS Unit.  

Make sure that Battery is fully charged

Before starting the map update process, you need to make sure that your GPS battery is fully charged. If its not charged, please charge it before stating the map update. Th GPS may not update if its not charged.

Download the Computer application for GPS Map Update

Every GPS Device has different application for map update. You need to make sure that you have downloaded the application compatible with your GPS model. Many GPS Navigation Device has different different application compatible. If you are having problem with compatible application, please contact our customer support team.  Some GPS can be updated without any application downloaded on Computer. You can update it by online on website. 

Make sure that map update should not interrupted

Once map update is started, make sure that it should finished without any interruption. You need to have good speed of internet connection. You need to have your Laptop connected with the charging cable. Make sure that computer should not go to sleep mode while the map update process is going on. You will receive a confirmation message on your Computer application that your map update is successful. You can disconnect and re-connect the GPS unit to check if there are any other updates are available for your GPS device.